She emerged out as warrior,.                   She never wanted to be a queen,.           She was a beautiful poem,. Incomplete,unheard and unseen.

She wore her pain like high heels,.       And walked towards her passion,.        She cried in the night under her palms,.  Yet, she is a marvelous temptation.

She again smiles the next morning,.      As if she never cried last night,.           She is a one woman army,.                   Famous for love and known for fight.

She stands tall,in front of all,.       Provides everybody with love and care, You may find a million girls,                   But a women like her is very rare.   

 She dances between the heart and brain,.                                              Demanding for the right & forgiving the wrong.                                                           Now she has become difficult to sing,. She was a poem now transformed into song.

54 thoughts on “She.

  1. A learning poet

    I don’t know how to stop it. But everytime I open wordpress, my fingers automatically shiver; wanting me to open this poem. My eyes always feel blessed after reading this. My heart feels proud that this came from a person I love. I am really proud of you. And your fans are eagerly waiting for some updates from you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ujjwalrealblog

    “She is a warrior,she did not want to be a queen”
    Ur thots are exactly like a poet n not a writer.The comparison.b/w warrior n queen is smthng that instilled me to quote it..loved dose lines n loved to follow sm1 like u

    Liked by 1 person


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