Monthly Archives: October 2016

Everyone is the same.

In the long run,where we keep differentiating ourselves with the surrounding people,we never realise we all are actually the same.

We all have a heart,blessed with emotions,we all are sensitive to hatred,love,care,attention and negativity.Everyone has their own insecurities,the only difference being that some protect materialistic things and some protect their favourite people.

Everyone craves for love,Everbody needs attention,but then some treasure their love and some keep on testing it.Everyone fears loneliness,some of us have accepted it with a hope of sunshine and some are still fighting against it.Everyone loves deeply , but again,some love expressing it and some want to decorate it only inside them.

So, we see,even if different buildings seem to be different anatomically we often forget it is made of same unit.Likewise,even if we all are different visually,we should respect the identical nature of our souls.