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Emotions and people!

Emotions that we all are born with!Emotions that we all have!According to me emotions are like salt in the dish of life.Life is tasteless without emotions.

Emotions always dominate in pairs.For example- The one who shouts the most at you,loves you the most.The one who stays silent is the one who wants to talk a lot.The one who appears happiest is most sensitive.The one who is possessive has already lost too much.The one who is easy to frighten was brave enough at one time.

Emotional people are often considered as fool.But they know everything.They fool you by letting you fool them.Emotions are a blessing.They make you human in the territory of monsters.Emotinal people are not fools.Being emotional is not a curse rather it is a matter of being proud as you are carrying the gift god have you while making you a human.

  • Preserve your emotions and respect those of other people.:)

A letter to my best friend!

Hey you,

I love you the most.You met me in the period when I did not believe in love.I didn’t know what was love,trust and care until you gifted me all of those.Your arms were my pillows whenever I cried.You comforted me even when you were broken inside.I can never find anyone like you even if I travel entire world.

You are the most annoying person.You irritate me more than anybody else but the fact that you love me more than anybody else makes me forget everything else.I love the fact that I can be the ugliest person in front of you and you will still love me the same way.The comfort level I share with you is so high that you can be called as my family now.I admire how you always correct me and scold me and still not let go of my hands.When you say you will never give up,you mean it.And when I say I love you forever,i mean it.

Please continue to be my sunshine,star and my world.You are my number one.My main,my lifeline and my soul mate.I can possibly not breath without you.


Send it to your best friends and let them know how much you appreciate having them in your life.


I am probably too young to coin a meaning of the term which we all are acutely aware of.All I can do is to share my views:

Soul mate is not a perfect person yet seems to be because he accepts your flaws perfectly.The person who never gives up.The person who believes despite everything.The person who takes you to a world of paradise by his mere presence.Person who makes you feels the best.

Soul mate makes your soul happy.The one who is always by your side.The person who makes you change for better.When the world seems so dark this person lifts you up and provides you with much needed light of hope.The one who is happier than you for your accomplishments.The one who celeberates you like a victory.

I hope that you find your soul mate soon.