I am probably too young to coin a meaning of the term which we all are acutely aware of.All I can do is to share my views:

Soul mate is not a perfect person yet seems to be because he accepts your flaws perfectly.The person who never gives up.The person who believes despite everything.The person who takes you to a world of paradise by his mere presence.Person who makes you feels the best.

Soul mate makes your soul happy.The one who is always by your side.The person who makes you change for better.When the world seems so dark this person lifts you up and provides you with much needed light of hope.The one who is happier than you for your accomplishments.The one who celeberates you like a victory.

I hope that you find your soul mate soon.

24 thoughts on “SOULMATE!

      1. Heart to soul. Post author

        Hey.. That’s a great query.
        I always believe that when we write with Brain, it reaches eyes. But when we write from heart, it reaches the soul. And soul is alive forever and so will be the words written by heart.

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      2. Akshay kumar

        That’s perfect answer…well its reaching the soul…that is why I could ask a deep meaning from your thought. Thanks for a answer.. All the best write more… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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