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From an infant to an adult to an old person the life cycle goes on.Generally MATURITY is directly proportional to age i.e. it increases with increase in age.As per my opinions maturity has nothing to do with age.

For instance, a child of a labourer who works to contribute to his family for running the livelihood is way more mature than that middle aged man who earns a fortune but sends his parents to old-age home.

Since majority of the population is young.So we dont fall in either of the cateogaries of that innocent child nor the middle aged man.Then how do we know that we are mature?

Quite complex.You are mature if you forgive someone even before they are sorry.You are mature when you can manage to be practical and emotional at the same time.You are mature if you can let someone go.You are mature if you know what you want and are working for it.You are mature if you can love without conditions.You are mature if you have the guts to move away from something that no longer makes you a better person.You are mature if you can make out a differnce between pretense and reality.You are mature if someone’s consent matters to you.Maturity is the right way to react.Maturity means sensibility of being right without proving anyone wrong.Maturity is when changes replaces excuses.

And then this is endless.But I believe all those who are reading this and smiling right at this line are mature enough to relate to above words.