It’s about HER-

Being eldest daughter in the joint family,she was always expected to be mature.She was expected to be a little more understanding,a little more sensible and a little more patient.And more importantly she was taught that she had to fulfill all the expectations.They never knew that their harmless expectations actually snatched away little girl’s innocence.Her words lost the chirpiness,her excitement was now changed into sensibility.She found out at once that now she is an adult.No matter how much she missed bed time stories,she had to sleep alone in darkness.And the worst part is there was no going back.

She grew up to be an adult in practical terms.But now,she noticed that even after growing up she had no right to take her decisions because she was a child and she didn’t know what was right for her.Like really? But she never protested because she loved them too much to question them.

She accepted everything as it was.But then one day she questioned herself that why is she never allowed to be a child.Why she was told to be mature when she was a child?And why was she expected to be dependent when she was actually mature?

Was she not a human? Wasn’t she allowed to make mistakes.?Why was there no one to enjoy the child inside her?Why no one understood that she was afraid of darkness.?Why did no one just let her be?

Her smile was taken away.The child inside her almost suffocated and died.Her dignity was always attacked.Her personality was questioned.

Why? No one knew.

35 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Tochan

    To the character:
    Why u so depressed?
    See the positive aspects of life. People expect her to be perfect because they know she is capable if being one! :*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jhamanisha1997

    wonderfully expressed .. it happens to most of us when we are forced to lose that child in us when we are forced to lose those small funky things which makes us happy we are forced to live only for others and we are forced to lose our own identity …….

    it was very touching .. felt like i am reading what i feels .
    likhte rahiye . 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Orange

    Nailed it!
    Usually the elder ones are expected to accept all the responsibilities at a young age. And the younger ones are always little! Well expressed.
    I would like to add that it also makes them really​ self reliant and strong on the longer run, so that’s an advantage! πŸ™‚

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