We are best friends.

Someone truly said that the person we are tend to fall in love with comes in most strangest and unexpected ways.

Now you get that wrong.I am talking about my best friend.The person I look up to in all ways.My bitching sessions are only with her.My seat partner and my soul companion.And while we are in the 18th month of our friendship we can just feel the connection between our soul.

Though there is some 15.5 kilometres distance between us but she makes sure that she is always there when I need her.Our craziness can be proved by the fact that we find ways to meet each other even on our leaves.

She is the only caretaker of child inside me.Child who cries profusely on smallest things,child who is notorious to heights and child who is weak.

There is always that one person you find peace with.For me,it’s her.My birdbrain.A day without her seems as long as a year.She is the carrier of my goodness.She is the reason why I never give up.

Dear dummy,

I love you the most.Nothing can ever compare to your love.You are irreplaceable and the best thing that has ever happened to me.You are the best.Thank you for making tough times easier and good times better.You are my main,constant and saviour.



13 thoughts on “We are best friends.

  1. A learning poet

    Dear joe,
    Isn’t it the best thing that can happen to you after a chronic typhoid? I am almost to tears joe. Life was never so exciting till I met you. Everybody may have a best friend, but I am proud that I have you. And the best part of it is, that we are unbreakable. I love you very, very much. Stay blessed. And stay mine. 😘

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