She! #2

She is like a guitar,                                       She would play to your music.                   But when you treat her improperly,         She may also cause cuts and bruises.

She is like a sword,                                     Shields you in trouble.                                     But if you play with her,                                 She can hurt you worse.

She is like a fire,                                           Just as holy and sacred.                                 But when you touch her inappropriately, The burns are on your way.

She is like a memory,                               which makes your heart skip a beat.         She is like a dictionary,                               which you can never completely read.

She is a miracle,                                               That you will always know.                           She will be your strength when low,       She will be your weakness too.

#dedicated to the strongest she in my life. You inspire me.

114 thoughts on “She! #2

    1. tiwiam

      So let’s create a world where she can be only the first part of every stanza and the need to turn to second part never comes. Let’s make the world a safer place for her so won’t have to think before falling in love , before trusting a person and going out at night alone.

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      1. Heart to soul. Post author

        Every ‘she’ is important in broad concept. Instead of confining she in just one part of stanza, let her make a part of each line of every stanza. Let her create her own world where she would like to live. And let her express herself the way she would like to.


  1. A learning poet

    The more I read it, the more I feel the urge to read it again. I am very happy and equally proud to be the ‘she’ for you. I can’t explain how much nonbelligerent do I feel right now.
    And yes, I agree that every women should become that she.

    I loved it Bobo. It has no match. I am very very proud of you. 😊💋

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  2. Nishita13

    Hello there,
    Thankyou so much for coming to my blog and appreciating my work!
    Your blog is an open forum about simple yet vital human traits, gracefully portrayed 🙂
    This poem itself is very powerful, written with courage yet softness.
    Keep writing!
    Be you, everybody else is taken. (Not my quote) ❤

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    Effeсtively like Mommy mentioned, whhen we love οone another
    and lⲟve tһe world that Jesus died for, that?s
    a form of worship. After we take into considerаtion God and lissten to the sermon or in Sᥙnday Faculty, that?s a means of worshipping as a result of weгe learning how grеat God is and He likеs that.
    Or when we sit around and tell eаch other what the best isѕuеs about God are.
    You know һoow much you ⅼike hearing folks say hоw ѕensible or cute үou boys
    aгe? Properly God likes once we talk collectively about how nice he is.?
    Daddy answered.

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    So beautiful 👏👍 especially the last stanza “she will be your strength when low , she will be your weakness too” 👈 I just loved the way you wrote it . “She” ought to be respected and loved

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  5. Jeni G.J

    Such a lovely started the poem powerfully and ended the same way. The only line which was different from other lines was ‘she is like a dictionary which you can never completely read’. And it’s my fav line.Brought smiles😊😊

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