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A letter to my best friend #2

Hey there. Been a long time since I wrote something for you. I am farthest to you if we go by metric system of measurement. But otherwise you say I am closest to you.

I don’t know if it was necessary to pen this down but I know you are going to smile the loveliest when you see this. It’s been a long time since I saw you( approximately 4 hours now). This might sound ridiculously insane but I miss you from the moment you leave . I have been told that some relations don’t really have names and some have too many names. Ours is in between the two. You play all the major roles in my life.    When I am with you, I really don’t miss anyone. Ironically, when I am with other people I constantly miss you. I try to find you in everybody I meet. But the comfort level that we share has no copy. Socializing without you seems to be the most tiring thing ever. 

I know that this phase is definitely not the best phase of our life. But you know what, it is showing me the best sides of you, which I am sure, nobody has ever seen and nobody will ever see( Dare not, show it to anybody else or you are dead) The strength that you have inculcated in yourself is so inspiring. I am always and always there for you. You are my most favorite trouble. Everybody has got a best friend. But I have got my best reflection in you. My happiness is all in your eyes. And also we share tears. As I told you earlier you are the bookmark of my story. And also, when my story ends you will be its most beautiful chapter. Chapter being the epitomy of no fakeness, no lies, no hidden secrets and only love, honesty and utmost loyalty. 

Stay strong love! 

Guys! We have got friends who do so much for us and never really make us feel burdened by it. Though my friend is the bestest. Nothing can compare to her. But I am sure you also have gem like friends in your life. Do express your acknowledgement to them. Trust me, they are worth it. 



A famous saying goes-

Introversion is not a choice, it’s not a lifestyle but an orientation.

Intorverts! Often called as rude, blunt, arrogant or shy people.But trust me! They are not rude, blunt or shy. They are reserved. Maybe they are not comfortable around people as others are. They do not always want to be surrounded by people but they don’t hate people.Around few close ones, these introverts are as good and as free as extroverts themselves.

Most of the time we tend to misunderstand introverts.Its not that they don’t need anyone. They re just too conserved to be able to express that need. Since introverts are human beings at the end of the day, they need love.Since my best friend and my sibling are introvert beings.I know a little about them.

They are really good listeners. They understand more than we think and they observe more than we can ever know. It’s just that they don’t react immediately. And above all, they feel more than we imagine.

So, friends, specially, introvert friends-.  Being an introvert is not negative.Everybody has two faces out of which one is a reserved one.Their reserved face is hidden.So, you are none different.You just choose to show your reserved face to everyone.You are as much needed and wanted in our society as extroverts are.

With love.