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Depression! Not just! 

What’s with her? I asked pointing to a girl who was lost in her own space and was not even aware of the puppy who was licking her feet. They laughed and replied “she is just depressed.”                                                   JUST DEPRESSED. I doubt whether people really know what depression is? Had they been knowing how it deteriorates a normal being, they would definitely not call it “just depression.” Not going to scientific level, depression is confining someone in a room, with no windows, no sound, no light, and no other human. Likewise, depression is the stage of no hopes, no dreams, no believes, no desires and no life. It’s that serious an issue. 

To all the people who are depressed for some reason-                                                       I know how it pains in the chest every morning you wake up and find that you are still alive. I know the hopelessness when you can’t figure out what is wrong with you. I know when you feel helpless because you don’t know what you need help for. I know when one day you can feel everything and the other day you feel nothing at all.                             

 I know how you want to cry all day and night but not a single tear drop exits your eye. I know how it is when you are sitting, thinking and doing nothing and suddenly you feel tears striking your face. But trust me, it’s not your fault. It’s just a phase, and it will paas. Be with ones who love you. Hold onto them. Don’t be alone. 

I really know the pain of being alive without knowing the reason. I know the irritation when people continuously complain about you being a sadist, a killjoy, a non enthusiastic person anymore. I know how it kills you when the people you need the most understand you the least. 

Guys! These depressed people don’t need your sympathy, they need your support. Depression is fatal. It kills a person who is still breathing. Don’t laugh at them, instead prove your humor in making them laugh. And if your loved one is trapped, please let him/her know how much he is needed, loved and wanted. Please do little things to make him/her feel special. Little things occupy the biggest spaces in heart when done at the right time. 

The person sliding to an invisible black hole needs a little light to come out before he gets comfortable there. 

Helping someone come out of depression is like giving them a second life. Depression is not sadness, but it’s feeling nothing. 


Thank you love! 

Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I posted something. Atleast I feel so. But I am suffering from what is called “art block”. In precise terms it is called “writers block” but I don’t consider myself a writer. So, art block sounds okay. Whenever I am suffering from this situation, and I feel like writing there is always one person who seems to be a perfect topic. You know who you are. And I can write endlessly about you. 

Before approximately two years, I was surviving, breathing. I was happy, atleast I could pretend to be. But let me tell everybody that I had no hopes, no dreams, and I didn’t belive in good future and all words. I was passing day after day. And after that one day 28 July, 2015, I met this beautiful face, more of a beautiful soul. Days passed, as we came closer. We argued, we showed disagreements on a lot of issues, but we didn’t give up on each other. There was no time when we were “not friends”. 

With time, I got to know a person who was a gem. I noticed when you held my hand when we were crossing the road. I noticed when you were patting my back when I idiotically cried watching a melodramatic bollywood scene. I noticed when you had the fear of losing me when I was unwell. I noticed you were angry when I was friendly with somebody else. I notice what trouble it takes you to help me out of situations. And I also notice when you wake nights for giving me gifts and presents. But you know what I notice more than anything else is the love and pain in your eyes. 

Luck and all is something beyond my understanding. But I consider myself lucky to have you. I am lucky that you choose me over everybody else again and again. I am lucky that you tolerate me beyond all my hyper hysterical habits. And I am lucky that you find me worthy of sharing your pain and your fears. 

Thank you will never be enough for all the love you gave me. It will never be adequate for all the pain you take for me happily and it will never be sufficient for all the efforts you make for me and us. You asked me to promise you that I’ll be yours forever. So I from the core of my core promise you that I would be yours forever and beyond. 

Love is never a word for those who have a person to wake up for, it is never a regret for those who live it daily. I love you. 

With all the love, respect and gratitude,      Bobo.