Magical mommy! 

My mother always complaints that I never write anything about her. Little did she know that my words can never match up my intensity of love for her. Still trying!

Dear mumma!

Everybody says I look like you. I always wanted to be like you that is polite, soft, tolerant etc. But somehow, daddy’s genes interfere and I end up screwing everything up.Biology books always talk about rush of biological substances like hormones and blood during pregnancy.Nobody explains a child about rush of emotions that mother faces in that stage.

I have a lot to thank you today! This is just a fraction of everything I always wanted to tell you. Read it completely.

Thank you for your decision of bearing me and then delivering me in this world. Thank you for providing me the upbringing that many rare people are destined to recieve. Thank you for fulfilling my needs but not always satisfying my wishes. Thank you for making me human by inculcating all the moral values in me. Thank you for letting me commit mistakes. Thank you for being so open to/for me.You are and always will be top on my priority list. You will always be the first one I would share my infatuations with. Thank you for being a companion in my crazy acts. 

And you can hate me for uploading this picture. 

 You have no idea of how much I appreciate your presence in my life. You definitely deserved a better daughter but I couldn’t have got a better mother.

I am “your daughter” and trust me there can be no bigger and more beautiful identity I could ever have . I am just an extension to your body and soul.

You are my home Maa! Whenever I am tired and helpless, I’ll always come running back to you. You and only you can give me peace.


180 thoughts on “Magical mommy! 

  1. Harshit Dangwal

    The best post I’ve read today 😍 specially that line “Thank you for providing me the upbringing that many rare people are destined to recieve.” Reflects a deep meaning. A Wow feeling comes always when i read your blogs. Keep writing such heart touching posts. Good bless ❤❤

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      1. Harshit Dangwal

        Best stuff needs to be appreciated 😁 and i m not amazing writer, i m just learning 😊 btw you’re welcome 😄

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  2. hati03nisa

    You really look like mum 😊😊😍
    Loved the ur word choice very much..
    Really well written dear.. wish u and ur mum all the best in this world

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  3. Shaggy

    Awww that’s soo sweet!!! I felt the emotion so intensely, I went all the way to hug my mum……..
    Moms are truly magical…….

    P.S. you do look like your mum 💐💐

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    1. Heart to soul. Post author

      She loved it absolutely! Except for the weird picture she loved everything. 😊😊 and she is overwhelmed with the kind of beautiful responses readers are leaving on my blog post. Thank you so much! 😊

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  4. Ajay Vyas

    This is for u

    आँखे तेरी जैैसे हो समनदर शराब का
    पी के झुमता रहु नशा तेरे शबाब का😊

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  5. Mritunjay prakash tiwari

    Ohoooo great my sis my lovely and a quality writing ….surrly needs to be appreciated….. And thanks to my aunty another mother for giving me a sis like u….

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  6. Md Danish Ansari

    maa wo zaat hai jiske wajud ko kisi or zaat ke wajud se kabhi dhaka nhi ja sakta Allah ne is duniya me sabse paak Zaat maa ki hi banayi hai jaha maa ke pairo ke niche jannat hai wahi pita ke pairo me us jannat ke darwaje ki chabi ek bahut mashhoor Qwalli hai k maa tere dhudh ka haq hamse ada kya hoga or yah sahi bhi hai Allah Tala Farmate hai ki Aulad chahe kuch bhi kar le wo kabhi bhi maa ke dudh k karz se chhutkara nahi paa sakti lekin har Aulad par yah wajib hai ki wah apne maa ke dudh ka karz maaf karwaye jiske liye maa ko hi ye haq diya gaya hai ki agar wah chahe to apne bachho pe apne dudh ka karz maaf karke unhe zannat me jane ka mauka de ya fir us karz ko bakaya rakhe or uski aulad jahanam ki aag ka khurak banenge hamesha ke liye jab tak karz maaf nahi ho jata.

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  7. Md Danish Ansari

    apne bahut hi khubsurati se apni maata ji or apne sambandho ko or apne darmiyan jo mohabbat hai use bakhubi bayan karne ki koshish ki hai lekin yah bhi sach hai ki ham chahe lakh koshish kyo na kar le ham apne walid pr walida ke shan me jo bhi kahe wah sab bahut hi kam hai.

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  8. A learning poet

    She is a wonderful woman. Pure by heart and to the point by mind. She is a superhero in normal dress, with a smile on her face and sense of hope and happiness in heart. You have got your charm from her. You are very lucky to have her. 😊😊

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