The blue sky tag! 

Hello everyone, there were several times when generous people out there,  nominated me. But being my lazy and clueless self I didn’t post any. This award is special because I was nominated by a person I owe my WordPress journey to. A learning poet

About her:- Trust me, she is a gem when it comes to words. She is best at expressing herself. Her Poetry and articles will give you a new sight and her paintings will make your heart smile. Please do visit her. She is amazing at everything. 




  •  WHAT SHOULD YOUR FUTURE LOOK LIKE IN 10 YEARS?                        I really wish if I become strong enough to serve people in need by constructing a huge happy home for everyone in reminiscence of my grandfather and my best friend’s mother. 
  • WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE BOOK AND Why?                                                  I loved a book called “Fault in our stars” as it proves that “Lovers die but love dosent” 
  • WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS ON WOMEN EMPOWERMENT?                 Women empowerment can be best implemented by women themselves. They should learn to question. They should learn to refuse. They should definitely learn to oppose. 
  • WHAT IS YOUR PIECE OF SANCTITY?                         Undoubtedly, my grandfather’s memories. 
  • WHAT IS THAT ONE PLACE THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO TRAVEL ALONE?                                                       Paris.Because I am not coming alone from there. 😂
  • IF GIVEN A CHANCE WHAT MAJOR CHANGE WOULD YOU LIKE TO BRING?                                                       I would influence people to parent a God’s child( I hate the word orphan), with all their love and care. Those children deserve it as much as we do. 
  • WHAT IS YOUR HAPPIEST MEMORY AS A CHILD?                                               Listening to my grandfather about morals and values. 
  • WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE- (A)WRITING CAREER WITH LESS MONEY, OR (B) MORE MONEY AND  NEVEN BE ABLE TO WRITE.                 None. I want to accomplish my dream of building a home for everyone. And also I want to continue expressing myself. 
  • DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN ONE WORD.                                      Humanist. 
  • IF GIVEN A CHANCE WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAY TO OUR PM MODI?                                                        I wish your sense of humor stays the same forever. 
  • HOW WOULD YOU PROPOSE SOMEONE YOU LOVE? OR HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO GET PROPOSED?                                             I have a fear of getting rejected so I would never really propose anyone. I would love a letter or poem written by person himself. Even four lines will do. I love efforts. 😊                     



A whistling caravan 


Radhika’s reflection

The hungover owls



Sublime wordsmith

Mr lonely

Boundless blessings


Hati nisa

The Pradita chronicles

the. heartbroken. quill

My questions:- 

What is your greatest achievement? 

What is the importance of words for you? 

What/Who is your strength and weakness at the same time.? 

What would you like to be born as in your next birth.? 

What do you first notice in a person? 

What, in other gender, attracts you the most? 

What do you think about “feminism”? 

Who is your celebrity crush? 

A quality that impresses you the most.? 

One thing you would like to ban if given a chance? 

One fear that haunts you the most.? 

Have a good time and a good night people. 😊


144 thoughts on “The blue sky tag! 

  1. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    Fault in our stars is my favourite too 😊 fear of being rejected?? But not trying to convey our feelings is worse than trying and rejected right? You never know what surprises life has in store 😊😊

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Heart to soul. Post author

        Now you can see your name. No no, no exams. Since we are friends now, I really can demand from you. 😂
        I don’t know how, but I somehow feel connected to you and so reading your answers will be fun. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. shalini

        My darling girl, lovely questions, I will answer them… But then I have to think of more questions and nominate more people… Hey bhagwan… Hehehe yes madam, no madam I will do it madam

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Heart to soul. Post author

    I, like hell, wanted to nominate you here. But somehow you don’t believe in awards. But you have the safest place in my favorite list. So thats also a good reward I guess.
    Thank you so much. 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Shayra

    Congratulations dear 😘. Lovely answers .You are really a kind soul who care for others . Very few think about others .I salute to your thinking and emotions to nurture orphans .Glad to meet you here😍.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heart to soul. Post author

      Wow.. This came as a surprise! And I loved it. I am glad to meet you too sweetie! I don’t think about others. They are my own people.
      I would not like children to be called orphan. They are God ‘s child. Life is already too mean to them. Atleast we can love them. They deserve it!
      Please keep visiting. Readers like you help me to write more.!


      1. Heart to soul. Post author

        That’s really sweet of you to say. I don’t use social networking sweetie! But I am connected to my bloggers via mails. (through hangouts as well). You may mail me whenever you like. 😊


  4. ayshamuhammed92

    Hey. I would like to have your valuable presence in my blog. I’m not that much of a veteran in the front of blogging. But I do try to wring my heart into the paper.
    I really would appreciate if you check out my blog and share your valuable thoughts and comments on it. It would serve as a great inspiration to me. More than you can fathom.
    You can find me at :
    Hoping to hear from you soon



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