The Only Weapon…

Source: The Only Weapon…

My best friend is the best. Not only as a human being, not only as a daughter, not only as a friend, not only as a writer, but as her pure self.

If you want to know, why I always love her so much you need to visit to her blog and realise it.! Do not miss this piece of magnificence.!

You make me proudest sandali. ☺️

42 thoughts on “The Only Weapon…

    1. Heart to soul. Post author

      God has blessed me with you. I keep my blessings safe. This pray will definitely reach the right place. And consequences will be rightest of all. 😊
      You can trust me on this. ☺️

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      1. Jeni G.J

        So you have been following my blog for my name😁 Happy to know..your friend just told me that..I guess your friendship is in another level that you both said the same thing😊I Would love to read your posts.

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  3. Vaishnvi

    जबरदस्त लेखन भाविका!!👌👌
    शुभकामनाएं आपको!!

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