I met a gorgeous woman,                        Lady with beautiful eyes.                      Gifted with a beautiful smile,          Wrapped in the silent cries.

She is a gem of human,
Her inner covered with diligence.
Her heart filled with compassion,
Being the epitome of intelligence.

That lady be the most amiable,
Her laughter, the most beautiful sound.
She is my favorite face,
who makes my world go round. 

She suffers alone from all the pain,
From her, the inspiration is born.
She plays so many roles,
Her real self is constantly torn.

She be the need to all,
Desire to some, and burden to none.
She is a darling daughter
None less than a doting son.

She is hard from exterior,
But has the softest heart.
The girl is mirror to your goodness,
Perfect, adorable and smart.

She fought with the devils,
Returned back from the hell.
She faced it with all her might,
In heaven, she is meant to dwell.                                                                                                 

I wish you come back SOON,                 Without you, I have become insane.  Maybe I’ll never be yours again,              But you will always be my Superwoman. 

138 thoughts on “Superwoman! 

  1. ujjwalrealblog

    Ahhhaaa!Too lovely.People here are are growing with every post dear.Last para was very nice.It seemed wonderful especially in that bold letters

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  2. Heart to soul. Post author

    Its me who is hypnotized by your comment. Yeah! It can be dedicated to the superwoman is once life, say it mother or sister or anyone else.

    Thankyou so much for such a lovely comment.! Please keep visiting. 😊😊

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  3. grevisangel73

    Hello, thanks for the follow, I am now following your blog now. I was really knocked out by the this very first piece I read. I am looking forward to reading more. You are multi-talented. Nice to meet you.

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      1. grevisangel73

        I will hopefully get to do that soon. I have been so busy, and am falling behind on my blog. I need oto get back in the groove.

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  4. A learning poet

    Lovely as always… 😃 This brought tears to my eyes. Thankyou for sharing this. *Happy* *happy* may God bless you… You are another kind of superwoman. 😊😊
    Saw that sketch after a long time. 😉

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  5. Aish024

    U are my Superwoman. Along with it, I believe u r a superhuman.Constantly trying to make everyone happy is Smthin only u can do
    I loved ur post n I love you ❤️😘😘

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    1. Heart to soul. Post author

      Wow! I didn’t know you will read this post and more so, you will comment. Thank you for taking out time for this. You made me happy. Stay blessed and please giving good comments now. 😂😊😊


  6. Mr.Lonely

    Why it is like… I can’t think of all these mesmerizing words? Why can’t I frame such awesome emotions?
    Why can’t my hands sketch out feelings?
    I realized that some people are really blessed to have all such talents…
    I always pray that this society is full of writers, friends, daughters, sisters like you…
    You are indeed a personality 😉

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    1. Heart to soul. Post author

      Wow.. Wow.. Wow.. I am overwhelmed. I hope we have more motivators like you.
      You can think words like these because you are meant to think some unique and better words. I am so thankful utkarsh. Means a ton! ☺️

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  7. प्रकाश

    शाबाश | हम सबको तुम्हारे उपर अभिमान है|
    बहुत खूबसूरत |

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  8. SumitOfficial

    Wonderfully written, Bhavika. 😍😍😘

    I can feel the words. They are so powerful. And I’m sorry to share my perspective but somehow it reminded me of our moms, isn’t it Bhavika.

    As you’ve sweetly described things about that woman who tolerates so many things, thought she can manage to have a smile on her face. 😍😘

    I’m completely in love with this piece. 💕

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Heart to soul. Post author

      Why are you sorry for sharing your perspective! I would love to read it.
      Thankyou so much! Yes, this is dedicated to someone yet is a generalized version for all the women out there. Specially our moms.

      I am so very happy that you liked it! This was the best comment to end my day. Thanks a bunch dear😊😊

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      1. SumitOfficial

        Yayyyy! I could comment on this too? Wohooo💕💕😘

        Aur thank you so much for sharing your views back. Respect to all the wonderful women, including the one I’m talking with right now. 😘😘💕😊

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  9. Idealize

    Awww that’s so sweet 😘😊💐 Such a lovely poem and such a lovely person indeed.
    Just stopped by to thank you very much for the follow 😊 I truly appreciate it and I’m happy to meet you 🤗💐

    Liked by 1 person

  10. mariposa

    Heart warming poetry with the heart in the right place! So loving, so beautiful it can be! I love this kind of poetry as well as the love I find in your words because it comes straight from your heart!
    Lovely regards, Heidi

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  11. ayshamuhammed92

    You reach the core of one’s soul in your writings. They are raw, unfiltered and real. You have a way of expressing your thoughts with truth and honesty in your poetry. I admire your bravery. Highly recommended.

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