Your magic! 

I am the magic,
witnessed by everyone,
praised by few,
trusted by none!

My existence is questioned,
in the world of logic.
My identity doubted,
sad and tragic!

I am the magic,
not only on stage.
I am there within you,
trapped in a cage!

I seem to happen
only when you believe.
in your abilities,and yourself
I make you achieve! 

I am the magic,
created by your soul
whenever you work hard,
I’ll play my role! 

Accept the criticism
confront the odds.
And then, its me in action,
to get you applauds! 

114 thoughts on “Your magic! 

  1. A learning poet

    After a very, very, very long time I have read a poem worth memorising. Before this I used to read only Tagore’s works to actually learn them… Unique in every sense… I just loved it…. Phenomenal and outstanding!

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  3. kgbethlehem

    How did I miss this gem? Fantastic poem, magic,just magic 🙂
    If you don’t mind I would love to feature this on my poetry corner. I will reblogged this post on my page and hopefully others will travel to yours and see more of your work. Well done!

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  4. kgbethlehem

    Reblogged this on kgbethlehem and commented:
    Greetings everyone!! I AM BACK!!!

    Well, my tooth is still aching but that will be corrected this coming Tuesday :-). Welcome back to another Friday Night Poetry Corner and this week is gem by Bhavika24 called “Magic”

    You know you will like this joint, you creative fire will burn more when you get to the end. Visit her page as well, you will enjoy more of her writings & musings…

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  5. mariposa

    Another good poet on this planet!
    With good poetry you travel through this world and your country …
    You enchanted us as a magicus (wizard/Magician), you are a real genius!
    Your words fall into place like the stars in space …
    It’s nice to meet you and to greet you too!

    Sincerely, Heidi

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