Major missing! 

And it’s just sometimes, you just miss everything. You miss being the kind of person you were around somebody. You miss the kind of genuine smiles you had. You miss your tears. You miss being happy for every reason and sometimes no reason. You miss the moments of sanctity. You miss being important. You miss being missed. You miss being loved. You miss being fragile .You miss the pain. You miss the longings. You miss yourself.  These “sometimes” are so torturing,as you very well know, that even if you miss above mentioned everything terribly ,you can never have it back. This realization slays. 

89 thoughts on “Major missing! 

  1. kalyansparks

    Yeah..we have to deal with it..Regret is the biggest punishment and we miss doing those things in past,and we are afraid to miss things in future too..but missing is one of the powerful sad feeling

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  2. Radhika

    Even I miss the old u…
    The carefree and talkative person u used to be is truly faded to extents… But u r amazing just the way u r. Heartfelt, real and beautiful💕💕

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  3. Aish024

    Now that u are talking abt missing, lemme tell u that I miss u. But u need to know that somethings are healthy to be missed and some are very dangerous. Choose wisely.
    A different yet beautiful post…!Brilliant. !😘😘

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  4. fe13bi

    I really love your words. Every person said it just depression without knowing what depression is. Without knowing what is like to be depressed. As if they never feel depressed

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  5. ujjwalrealblog

    It touched every bit of me.Just the first 3 lines were enough.I too miss many things which I have slowly abandoned and I regret.Keep up the good work bhaviak

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  7. A learning poet

    I find myself too small to comment… And you know why… I can’t judge such intense, deep and slaying feelings… I am sorry… Hope you find your sanctity… Hope everybody find there piece of peace; there share of happiness.😊

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    1. Heart to soul. Post author

      Hey.. Don’t underestimate​ yourself. It’s just that everybody has a different level of intensity. You have never judged my work as a reader. You have always commented as my support. I want you to continue doing that! ☺️

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