Life or death? 

He woke up in the middle of the night and stared at their happy picture on his mobile screen. After that, he spent the night watching all their photographs. But he wasn’t happy. The photographs weren’t making him ecstatic anymore. They were hurting him.They were torturing him. He wanted to delete all of them, but he wanted to survive other nights too. The photographs became his sleeping pills, dangerous but mandatory. 

It took her just one sentence to end all that he built with his blood and tears. “I am not happy in this bond” she said. It took him months to understand where exactly was the bond.? Whatever he did for her was unconditional. He never asked her to reciprocate the feelings. Why did she started loving with no purpose of continuing it.? And she thought, like other people in her life, this one too will forget everything and move on.! I pity her for never  understanding that she had a gem. And she threw it away on her own. She reasoned her behavior, but she never knew that betrayal cannot be justified. 

For him, love became a mistake. He became guilty of loving someone so sincerely. He was finding it more difficult to breath than to stop breathing. He honestly didn’t know what was terrible – life or death.? The guy with a golden heart, and silver smile became a miserable loner.

Girls often misunderstand boys. Yes, they do. They sort every boy in one category. If some boys are cheaters then also some girls are. Everybody loves reading love stories but we fail to remember that it was Romeo who died for Juliette. 

Guys, there are better things to play with. Heart is not a toy. Feelings are not inanimate. Your fake act of love can literally kill a person. Maybe they can never believe in love again. It’s a beautiful feeling, a blessing everybody should get. Don’t ruin it for anyone. Don’t fake if you don’t feel. Love honestly, and you will be loved back. 

She played, he sighed
She ignored, he tried.
She laughed, he cried.
She lied and
He died. 

103 thoughts on “Life or death? 

  1. Anonymous Thinker

    May be I can relate this to me.Is it really?akhiri me iss short poem ne pura summarise kar diya.Maza dila diya.Ye sach hai yar dono taraf h aise individuals hote hai.In the name of love both are used accordingly.And in sab k chakkar m ache wale bure ban jate chahe ladka ho ya ladki ho .A beautifull and true portrayal.Loved it dear.God bless you

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Aish024

    Kya baat hai madam!!!!! 👏
    I know whose story is this. But I didn’t know u will portray it this skillfully. It makes me happy that you aren’t a blind supporter of a gender. To my superhuman, this was lovely. I am very very very and very proud of u michi 😘

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Heart to soul. Post author

      No, the guy who can fall for a girl by merely seeing their face, can easily find and choose a better face again. Some guys choose to love girls beyond the external beauty.
      And also, they don’t actually see the kind of person they are, but the kind of person they have potential to be. He is that kind of a guy.😊


  3. Mr.Lonely

    One should not be this weak to sacrifice his/ her life so easily!!!
    Atleast for once he/she must think of parents…
    What was their fault… Did they pampered them so that they can see their kid like this?

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    1. Heart to soul. Post author

      First of all, it’s not about weak and strong utkarsh! Everybody’s reaction to every situation is different. And it should not be judged.
      Maybe he grew stronger after this. He didn’t let emotions posses him as much as it did before. And also, he was confronting everything head on! He didn’t think of taking any wrong step. 😊
      I loved your perspective. And it’s true. One must not end their life, because it’s not worth sacrificing for fakness 😄

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  4. Eehall1

    This was nice! I try to remember that men are not all ways the “bad guy”. In a recent post of mine titled “Love, gone astray?” I mentioned wrote,” that he had demons”. I think it is important to remember that men have feelings just as much as women. Beautiful work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heart to soul. Post author

      Wow.. I am so glad that someone got the exact point of writing this! We treat all men the same which is not fair.! They are as sentimental and as emotional as we are, even if they are not allowed to express it openly.
      Thankyou so much dear. Your comment really made me happy. Keep visiting. 😊


  5. Ridhima

    You are so right. No one has got a right to put all the men in a same category. There are some who are playboys but there’s only a few of them. Others love genuinely and with all of their heart n soul.

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