Monthly Archives: September 2017

A superhero! 

When she was unable to smile,

He made her laugh her lungs out.

When she had nowhere to go,

He would become her whereabout.
When she deals with herself,

He becomes her savior.

He gives her wings to fly,

When she feels like a burden-heavier. 
When she avoids her evils. 

He secures her in his embrace.

When she gets hyper in the situations, 

He makes it disappear as just a phase.
When she dissipates into darkness,

He brings her back to the shining world.

He carries her in his arms,

When she is a ball of mess curled.
She can not measure his worth,

Without him, she is a zero.

In the world where monsters breathe,

Gladly, she found her superhero. 

Her last days. 

Heavy breaths and slow heartbeats,
She knew her end was near.
With constant smiling & pushing her limits,
She tried to overcome her biggest fear.

Everybody loved her so much,
They cared for her like a flower.
She was their princess,
With her vision turning blur.

She was enjoying the little time she had,
Every rain and rainbow was hers.
With every drop of blood out of her nose,
She realized the last days are a curse.

She saw her mother, and her smile,
She knew she wouldn’t be there in a while.
But she would miss the moments and love,
The pain of separation was turning her fragile.

And she knew that her role is complete,
She awaits for the end, with pride on her face.
She hopes for the best, for her & the rest.
She is ready to depart with the grace.

For every person, who is suffering with a fatal disease, let’s wish and pray for a miracle. And let’s  pray for strength for the dear ones. It is hardest to lose a child, a sibling, a friend or a lover. May everybody get a life long and large enough to pursue their dreams.