Her last days. 

Heavy breaths and slow heartbeats,
She knew her end was near.
With constant smiling & pushing her limits,
She tried to overcome her biggest fear.

Everybody loved her so much,
They cared for her like a flower.
She was their princess,
With her vision turning blur.

She was enjoying the little time she had,
Every rain and rainbow was hers.
With every drop of blood out of her nose,
She realized the last days are a curse.

She saw her mother, and her smile,
She knew she wouldn’t be there in a while.
But she would miss the moments and love,
The pain of separation was turning her fragile.

And she knew that her role is complete,
She awaits for the end, with pride on her face.
She hopes for the best, for her & the rest.
She is ready to depart with the grace.

For every person, who is suffering with a fatal disease, let’s wish and pray for a miracle. And let’s  pray for strength for the dear ones. It is hardest to lose a child, a sibling, a friend or a lover. May everybody get a life long and large enough to pursue their dreams.

92 thoughts on “Her last days. 

    1. Heart to soul. Post author

      I am so sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace. Even I was very close to my grandfather. He passed away due to paralysis attack.
      I just wish that no one should undergo the pain these diseases cause. Please stay strong.☺️


      1. Heart to soul. Post author

        It literally traumatizes me how a person is given so much pain to tolerate. They can’t live properly even when they so much want to live. 😕
        But I am sure he hasn’t left, he is there with you and he always will be. He is shielding you invisibly.


  1. A Learning Poet

    To the bravest and the most beautiful people alive,
    I know that this is a difficult time for you, but I will not tell you to keep calm. Neither will I sympathise with you. I would just like you to know that you inspire someone everyday. Your blood is not shed in vain. It’s time for you to forget about your worries and focus on taking care of yourself. You have always done so much for others. Now is the time to concentrate on getting you well. You are one of the bravest person on earth… I pray for your well being. I pray for your happiness….

    This was amazing dear… Take care and shine as always😊

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  2. ravisidula

    Hmmm that lonely minutes can just be imagined as this is an experience that everyone would dread to go with. When one knows the time is near all those wonderful moments of life would flash by. I still remember some near ones just looking up at the ceiling in their last moments and the tears just flowing from their eyes with no change in their facial expressions. The feeling of living that life rolling it down with tears of joy and content – no words.


  3. Mr.Lonely

    Living a satisfied life is most difficult task… Yet, being inspired to live to fulfill most of the dreams is spirit of living…
    For me it doesn’t matter how much you live… Live the most of it…and do not regret dying

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  4. cseveneaj

    Well written😊❤
    Yes, it is really hard to lose someone, specially a family. Well, recently, my gradma was hospitalised. She is 95. My heart isn’t prepared to loose her yet.. Not yet.. And everytime she was asleep, I always go at her side and whispers, “please hold on grandma, please… please don’t leave us yet” and I always pray to God to heal her.. And yeah, fortunately, she is out of the hospital now.. And slowly she recovers.(sorry for this drama.. Just wanna share it. Because it’s so wonderful that she lives this long..

    We don’t know when we will going to leave this world. Only God knows. So we should enjoy every moment we have. 😊😁

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