A superhero! 

When she was unable to smile,

He made her laugh her lungs out.

When she had nowhere to go,

He would become her whereabout.
When she deals with herself,

He becomes her savior.

He gives her wings to fly,

When she feels like a burden-heavier. 
When she avoids her evils. 

He secures her in his embrace.

When she gets hyper in the situations, 

He makes it disappear as just a phase.
When she dissipates into darkness,

He brings her back to the shining world.

He carries her in his arms,

When she is a ball of mess curled.
She can not measure his worth,

Without him, she is a zero.

In the world where monsters breathe,

Gladly, she found her superhero. 

76 thoughts on “A superhero! 

  1. Lesleykluchin

    Hmmmm I have another take on this heartfelt poem. I think we women need to be our own superheroes. Maybe I’m jaded or just older and wiser, but no man or any other person should ever be the one for us to complete who we are. Because ultimately we need to find our own inner strength. I’ve never met any man that was emotionally stronger than a mother, a wife, a woman. If the she in your poem continues to depend on others for her strength than she will inevitably be disappointed. We can love fully but having been married twice ( once divorced and once widowed) and the mother of two sons, and three grandchildren, I have found that women are stronger than they realize. The “ she” in your poem may be in love but has a lot to learn. We are our own superheroes. Go watch the new Wonder Woman movie.

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    1. Heart to soul. Post author

      With all respect to your age, experience and wiseness, I agree that man don’t complete a woman! But not to deny, we are interdependent on each other. I am a believer of a simple fact that goodness must be acknowledged irrespective of the gender. As much as man need to respect the woman for all that she does, woman too needs to respect and acknowledge man for all that he does for her.!

      Every man who supports, loves and stands by the women in his life is a superhero. I take pride in saying that I have so many in my life.😊

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      1. Lesleykluchin

        Yes goodness should be acknowledged as should be respected. And I am happy you have many people of all genders to support you in life. My response is to look to the future. In my youth, I was young and beautiful so men flocked to me and always tried to be heroes. However, they were often intimidated by my brains and my independent nature. Like most women my age, we took care of our husbands, our children, our parents when they became ill and passed away, and in my case I also cared for a husband who died. I am now surrounded by strong women over 50 who are still very vital in society while men over 50 tend to look for women to take care of them. Gloria Steinem wrote something to this affect, “Men become more conservative and helpless with age and women become more powerful and radical.” (I am paraphrasing but you get my drift.) I think women spend a life time nurturing others and when we come to a certain stage in life we have filled ourself with so much wisdom and knowledge and self reliance that most of us do not need to look for a partner for support or to be heroic, since women are heroic every day. In my youth I would not have been able to understand this concept, but after two husbands, one divorced, one who passed away, I see things differently. Most of my contemporaries who are female are living alone by choice. They no longer have to cater to the needs of a man. (Ask nurses who are more helpless in a hospital setting.LOL) No, we are all the superheroes in our own lives. I raised my sons to respect and love the woman they chose to marry. One is married with 3 children and the other who is only in his 20’s hasn’t found anyone yet who he considers to be “the one.” My youngest son would like to find a women who is his equal intellectually, has a constant desire to learn and grow, and can communicate as well as being creative. I hope he can find his superhero one day. I do not believe I ever found a husband to be my superhero as I was always saving them and everybody else. My father was a WWII war hero so he was the closest to a superhero that I ever saw. He raised me to be my own superhero and so did my mother. If you are lucky enough to find your match, than G-d bless you. But most of us find that women carry the burdens of the world on our shoulders, and gladly do it. Men need to be reassured and told constantly when they do something good. Women just do it. And that is my wisdom from someone who has lived over 6 decades, taught for almost 4 decades, and still feels like wonder woman every day of my life!!!! Keep writing, keep learning and keep loving those around you!

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      2. Heart to soul. Post author

        You are a superhero yourself! There is so much to learn from you. I am glad you spent time reading my work and giving your precious feedback and advices. It means more than alot. Thanks a ton ma’am. 😊

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  2. Lesleykluchin

    Perhaps. I suppose I see faith differently so I toyed with that idea but dismissed it. Freewill is my interpretation and I look to G-d for strength but not to take over what I see as my responsibility. I actually pray daily and let G-d know my gratitude. But it’s about gaining inner strength and being thankful for my blessings . Just my interpretation therefore I saw he as human.

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      1. A Learning Poet

        Okay. Good for ‘her’. I think you already have that he as your grandfather. I hope we are not considering only the love of our lives here. Right? That person could be anybody. In that case we can become that person for ourselves. This is what I believe… anyways. Good luck finding your he 🙂

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  3. Heart to soul. Post author

    What if I say? This post refers to her “father” or “brother”. She owes her life to them. And literally without them, she feels like nothing, like a zero. I never mentioned who does he refer to. He maybe a “father”, “brother”, “husband”, “friend”, or even “God”. Thankyou for stopping by 😊 Your opinion is totally respected and also, you are right nobody completes one another. But they sure complement each other. 😊

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  4. shewrites170

    There’s just one line which didn’t go well with me- without him she’s zero. She can never be zero maybe she needs to channel her inner hero and become a shero who chooses her hero but out of choice not need. These thoughts can be of women in early twenties as we reach 30, we become self sufficient. And we are born complete. Nice post otherwise.

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  5. ravisidula

    Definately a character of a father. We are all super heroes to each other. Even a super hero needs a purpose to become one which is born out of the love and respect for the other. That “other” person would be the super hero behind the rise of the super hero

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