The way her eyes gleam

When she talks about something she loves. 
The way her nose cringes in dislike,
When she looks at something she hates,
The way she makes puppy faces,
To get me trapped in her wish.
The way she yells in happiness,
When it’s finally a yes!

The way she storms in anger,
And asks me to leave her alone!
The way she comes back to my embrace,
To cry her worries and moan.
The way she presents her mess,
Knowing that I would sulk.
The way she sighes in relief,
As if taken away from her is a pain in bulk.

The way she protects me,
From odds and evils.
The way she identifies,
My angels and devils.
The way she adores me,
Beyond the measures.
She calls me “mumma”,
And she is my treasure. 

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