Monthly Archives: December 2017

Carefree whispers!      

Yes, it begun with a conversation we shared,

Followed by a connection, unprepared.

Discussion of mutual likes and dislikes,

Lead to the opening of new files. 

I was lost in the person so genuine,

He slowly controlled all my laughs and grins. 

He held me strong with all his might, 

And then came an unsaid fight. 

I left to protect us from a ruin,

A flying balloon encountered a tiny pin. 

Our inner world was all shattered, 

Happiness, smiles and peace, all scattered. 

Then, came a moment I realized, 

I am into a love trap, I always despised. 

I ran to him and held him tight, 

Our dark world was followed by a light. 

Gradually, we found our way out. 

And became each other’s whereabout.

And finally, I am reserved,

With the best one I deserved. 

And with the passing night that we share,

We giggle and spread carefree whispers in air. 


Gone is the girl, who smiled fake.              Gone is the girl, who possessed fears.      Gone is the girl who cried like a baby,        Gone is the girl who loved tears.

Gone is the girl, who chirped alot,,              
Gone is the girl, whose tolerance was poor.  
Gone is the girl who trusted everyone,         
Gone is the girl whose moods had no cure.

Gone is the girl who danced with winds,     
Gone is the girl who cried with rains.         
Gone is the girl who felt too much,               
Gone is the girl who feared pain.   

Gone is the girl who blamed herself,            
Gone is the girl who let herself down.         
Gone is the girl who killed herself,              
Gone is the girl who disrespected her crown.  

With time, you realise what you deserve! And that is the time you stop settling for any less and stop regretting for the losses which were actually beneficial. Count your blessings, know your strength, maintain your dignity and love yourself. Because trust me, you are “too good” to be disowned by someone who didn’t deserve you on the first place.