The first wonder! 

Sobs! This was the first new year I was spending without her in a different city. And I could hear sobs at the other side of the phone too. From my first cry to the latest one, she always cries with me. And just so that tears don’t mark the beginning of my new year, she started making some lame jokes to which I started laughing and her smile broadened. When I was a child, my mother always told me that “Mothers are the bravest yet the most fearful creatures alive.” and now I tell her that, mothers are the advanced version of almighty who are supposed to adapt for the corrupt environment they are living in. Irrespective of all the wonders in the world, she is the first wonder of my universe. How much I wonder that even though I spend the least time with her, she knows the most about me. 

Not only a part of her genetic material, a part of her soul lies within us, which insists on making us a better person. That part of her soul, makes us hesitant to commit wrongs and then makes us feel guilty about it. Mothers, are truly blessed beings. The most powerful yet most humble and selfless ones! And no matter what you become in life, you still are a seedling she nurtured. She will always be above all. Though, we don’t tell our mothers this, but they deserve to know that we love them and we love them the most!

Okay, so here is this poem by one of my favorite bloggers and one of my most favorite human beings Daljit who wrote it almost after few moments of me pestering him. And I wrote this post after days of him reminding me. So, a big thanks to you dear. And I hope we keep pestering each other for writing, and writing better.

She’s not the Rose,

But her love make it flower,

She’s not the roots,

But her strength hold generations,

She’s not the star,

But emits the ray of hope,

She is the epitome of sacrifices,

But she doesn’t expect anything in return,

She is God’s best creation,

But she’s not earthly,

God lives in her,

But she’s not his house,

She’s a mother,

The world will die without…

Happy new year to everyone! Stay blessed, stay happy and keep your mother happy. ❤️

43 thoughts on “The first wonder! 

  1. deorahulsharma

    Baby be like “ho kya raha hai?”When the pic is being clicked😜.

    Beautiful picture,beautiful words from a beautiful lovely girl.God bless you and your mother.

    Liked by 1 person


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