Monthly Archives: May 2018

Seventh sky.

Hello everyone, been a long time I guess. I hope every one of you is happy and doing amazingly well.

I received so many mails from so many people regarding my whereabouts. So, here I tell you I was on Seventh sky. Just finished my graduation, completed seven beautiful months of relationship with a gem of a man, and finally finding a better version of me.

Here is me making a kind of come back with this poem. Hope you like it.

Every starry night, I wonder when did I get so fortunate,

To have received his best version,

Why did I choose to believe him,

When love was just an aversion.

When did I modify myself,

And turned him out to be my best friend.

When did this positivity sneak in,

And beginnings were attractive than ends.

When did life take a turn,

And he became a centre of my universe.

When did I become a blessing,

While I treated myself as a major curse.

When I burden myself with all this,

There is only one solution,

He gives me “seventh sky” to fly,

Keeps me away from emotional pollution.

He lets me be the way I am,

And never tries to amend my identity,

He is my release, never a restriction,

A back up of my dignity.

And here, I thank him,

For sticking by me in mess,

For protecting my self respect,

And being my happiest place.


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