Monthly Archives: July 2020


Don’t tell me you know,
Don’t put up a show,
Because it seems impossible to breath,
when the time flows so slow.

Don’t tell me its fine,
That won’t make you my sunshine.
Because I have got used to of loving the dark,
It brings me back the dead remnants of mine.

Don’t tell me I am strong,
Don’t make my broken synonymous to wrong,
My strength is more than a pretense,
Brutal reality is where I belong.

Don’t tell me you care,
My desolation was never shared.
The life in me was shot dead,
Even the lifeless, wasn’t spared.

Don’t tell me you love me,
That makes me feel weak in the knees,
Your love took my sanity,
Now, the shore looks vicious than the sea.

No, I don’t need your half hearted embrace,
Enough of me being a disgrace,
The fake intimacy suffocates me,
I am happiest in my solitary space.