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Yes! I overthink.

Yes I overthink,
About how my heart fell in love with him!
Yes I overthink,
About how he took over my soul.
Yes I overthink,
About how he makes me smile effortlessly.
Yes I overthink,
About how he kills his sleep on my sleepless nights.
Yes I overthink,
About how he makes so many efforts just to see me happy.
Yes I overthink,
About how I found him right when everything was wrong.
Yes I overthink,
About how his existence makes me happy about my existence.
Yes I overthink,
About how flawlessly, he accepts all my flaws.
Yes I overthink,
About how fearlessly, he caresses all my fears.
Yes I overthink,
About how lovingly he makes me love myself.
Yes I overthink,
And trust me, the more I overthink,
The higher I fly in love with him.
The more I overthink,
The deeper I feel thankful to have him.
And, the more I overthink,
The more I realize that overthinking was never more beautiful.!💕

Thankyou for all that you do knowingly and unknowingly, to make me happy. But, trust me your mere existence makes me smile. Thankyou for holding my hand and bringing me out of darkness. Thankyou for tolerating me since 4 months, I hope you have to do that for life long. Though, I am really not as expressive as you are, but you really are very special to me. And yes, you are the “cutest beast” on this planet and never to forget “the loveliest human” 😍❤️

The first wonder! 

Sobs! This was the first new year I was spending without her in a different city. And I could hear sobs at the other side of the phone too. From my first cry to the latest one, she always cries with me. And just so that tears don’t mark the beginning of my new year, she started making some lame jokes to which I started laughing and her smile broadened. When I was a child, my mother always told me that “Mothers are the bravest yet the most fearful creatures alive.” and now I tell her that, mothers are the advanced version of almighty who are supposed to adapt for the corrupt environment they are living in. Irrespective of all the wonders in the world, she is the first wonder of my universe. How much I wonder that even though I spend the least time with her, she knows the most about me. 

Not only a part of her genetic material, a part of her soul lies within us, which insists on making us a better person. That part of her soul, makes us hesitant to commit wrongs and then makes us feel guilty about it. Mothers, are truly blessed beings. The most powerful yet most humble and selfless ones! And no matter what you become in life, you still are a seedling she nurtured. She will always be above all. Though, we don’t tell our mothers this, but they deserve to know that we love them and we love them the most!

Okay, so here is this poem by one of my favorite bloggers and one of my most favorite human beings Daljit who wrote it almost after few moments of me pestering him. And I wrote this post after days of him reminding me. So, a big thanks to you dear. And I hope we keep pestering each other for writing, and writing better.

She’s not the Rose,

But her love make it flower,

She’s not the roots,

But her strength hold generations,

She’s not the star,

But emits the ray of hope,

She is the epitome of sacrifices,

But she doesn’t expect anything in return,

She is God’s best creation,

But she’s not earthly,

God lives in her,

But she’s not his house,

She’s a mother,

The world will die without…

Happy new year to everyone! Stay blessed, stay happy and keep your mother happy. ❤️

Carefree whispers!      

Yes, it begun with a conversation we shared,

Followed by a connection, unprepared.

Discussion of mutual likes and dislikes,

Lead to the opening of new files. 

I was lost in the person so genuine,

He slowly controlled all my laughs and grins. 

He held me strong with all his might, 

And then came an unsaid fight. 

I left to protect us from a ruin,

A flying balloon encountered a tiny pin. 

Our inner world was all shattered, 

Happiness, smiles and peace, all scattered. 

Then, came a moment I realized, 

I am into a love trap, I always despised. 

I ran to him and held him tight, 

Our dark world was followed by a light. 

Gradually, we found our way out. 

And became each other’s whereabout.

And finally, I am reserved,

With the best one I deserved. 

And with the passing night that we share,

We giggle and spread carefree whispers in air. 


Gone is the girl, who smiled fake.              Gone is the girl, who possessed fears.      Gone is the girl who cried like a baby,        Gone is the girl who loved tears.

Gone is the girl, who chirped alot,,              
Gone is the girl, whose tolerance was poor.  
Gone is the girl who trusted everyone,         
Gone is the girl whose moods had no cure.

Gone is the girl who danced with winds,     
Gone is the girl who cried with rains.         
Gone is the girl who felt too much,               
Gone is the girl who feared pain.   

Gone is the girl who blamed herself,            
Gone is the girl who let herself down.         
Gone is the girl who killed herself,              
Gone is the girl who disrespected her crown.  

With time, you realise what you deserve! And that is the time you stop settling for any less and stop regretting for the losses which were actually beneficial. Count your blessings, know your strength, maintain your dignity and love yourself. Because trust me, you are “too good” to be disowned by someone who didn’t deserve you on the first place. 



The way her eyes gleam

When she talks about something she loves. 
The way her nose cringes in dislike,
When she looks at something she hates,
The way she makes puppy faces,
To get me trapped in her wish.
The way she yells in happiness,
When it’s finally a yes!

The way she storms in anger,
And asks me to leave her alone!
The way she comes back to my embrace,
To cry her worries and moan.
The way she presents her mess,
Knowing that I would sulk.
The way she sighes in relief,
As if taken away from her is a pain in bulk.

The way she protects me,
From odds and evils.
The way she identifies,
My angels and devils.
The way she adores me,
Beyond the measures.
She calls me “mumma”,
And she is my treasure. 

A superhero! 

When she was unable to smile,

He made her laugh her lungs out.

When she had nowhere to go,

He would become her whereabout.
When she deals with herself,

He becomes her savior.

He gives her wings to fly,

When she feels like a burden-heavier. 
When she avoids her evils. 

He secures her in his embrace.

When she gets hyper in the situations, 

He makes it disappear as just a phase.
When she dissipates into darkness,

He brings her back to the shining world.

He carries her in his arms,

When she is a ball of mess curled.
She can not measure his worth,

Without him, she is a zero.

In the world where monsters breathe,

Gladly, she found her superhero. 

Her last days. 

Heavy breaths and slow heartbeats,
She knew her end was near.
With constant smiling & pushing her limits,
She tried to overcome her biggest fear.

Everybody loved her so much,
They cared for her like a flower.
She was their princess,
With her vision turning blur.

She was enjoying the little time she had,
Every rain and rainbow was hers.
With every drop of blood out of her nose,
She realized the last days are a curse.

She saw her mother, and her smile,
She knew she wouldn’t be there in a while.
But she would miss the moments and love,
The pain of separation was turning her fragile.

And she knew that her role is complete,
She awaits for the end, with pride on her face.
She hopes for the best, for her & the rest.
She is ready to depart with the grace.

For every person, who is suffering with a fatal disease, let’s wish and pray for a miracle. And let’s  pray for strength for the dear ones. It is hardest to lose a child, a sibling, a friend or a lover. May everybody get a life long and large enough to pursue their dreams.