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Major missing! 

And it’s just sometimes, you just miss everything. You miss being the kind of person you were around somebody. You miss the kind of genuine smiles you had. You miss your tears. You miss being happy for every reason and sometimes no reason. You miss the moments of sanctity. You miss being important. You miss being missed. You miss being loved. You miss being fragile .You miss the pain. You miss the longings. You miss yourself.  These “sometimes” are so torturing,as you very well know, that even if you miss above mentioned everything terribly ,you can never have it back. This realization slays. 

Your magic! 

I am the magic,
witnessed by everyone,
praised by few,
trusted by none!

My existence is questioned,
in the world of logic.
My identity doubted,
sad and tragic!

I am the magic,
not only on stage.
I am there within you,
trapped in a cage!

I seem to happen
only when you believe.
in your abilities,and yourself
I make you achieve! 

I am the magic,
created by your soul
whenever you work hard,
I’ll play my role! 

Accept the criticism
confront the odds.
And then, its me in action,
to get you applauds! 


“Hope which breaks you apart is the same hope which glues your broken pieces back together. “. 

All I know is that a sincere hope from a kind heart never goes in vain. Maybe it will take some more time, maybe it will consume more of your strength, maybe it will absorb more of your patience, but believe in the power of believing. If it is meant to come to you, it will. And if it is not meant to come to you, something better will. ☺️

“Keep hoping”  for that is what keeps you going on in the world which is waiting for you to give up. 

This is a “Tree of happiness with branches of hope”. Thankyou A learning poet for this painting. It is very dear to me and very close to my heart. 

Picture credits :- A learning poet


I met a gorgeous woman,                        Lady with beautiful eyes.                      Gifted with a beautiful smile,          Wrapped in the silent cries.

She is a gem of human,
Her inner covered with diligence.
Her heart filled with compassion,
Being the epitome of intelligence.

That lady be the most amiable,
Her laughter, the most beautiful sound.
She is my favorite face,
who makes my world go round. 

She suffers alone from all the pain,
From her, the inspiration is born.
She plays so many roles,
Her real self is constantly torn.

She be the need to all,
Desire to some, and burden to none.
She is a darling daughter
None less than a doting son.

She is hard from exterior,
But has the softest heart.
The girl is mirror to your goodness,
Perfect, adorable and smart.

She fought with the devils,
Returned back from the hell.
She faced it with all her might,
In heaven, she is meant to dwell.                                                                                                 

I wish you come back SOON,                 Without you, I have become insane.  Maybe I’ll never be yours again,              But you will always be my Superwoman. 

The Only Weapon…

Source: The Only Weapon…

My best friend is the best. Not only as a human being, not only as a daughter, not only as a friend, not only as a writer, but as her pure self.

If you want to know, why I always love her so much you need to visit to her blog and realise it.! Do not miss this piece of magnificence.!

You make me proudest sandali. ☺️

The blue sky tag! 

Hello everyone, there were several times when generous people out there,  nominated me. But being my lazy and clueless self I didn’t post any. This award is special because I was nominated by a person I owe my WordPress journey to. A learning poet

About her:- Trust me, she is a gem when it comes to words. She is best at expressing herself. Her Poetry and articles will give you a new sight and her paintings will make your heart smile. Please do visit her. She is amazing at everything. 




  •  WHAT SHOULD YOUR FUTURE LOOK LIKE IN 10 YEARS?                        I really wish if I become strong enough to serve people in need by constructing a huge happy home for everyone in reminiscence of my grandfather and my best friend’s mother. 
  • WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE BOOK AND Why?                                                  I loved a book called “Fault in our stars” as it proves that “Lovers die but love dosent” 
  • WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS ON WOMEN EMPOWERMENT?                 Women empowerment can be best implemented by women themselves. They should learn to question. They should learn to refuse. They should definitely learn to oppose. 
  • WHAT IS YOUR PIECE OF SANCTITY?                         Undoubtedly, my grandfather’s memories. 
  • WHAT IS THAT ONE PLACE THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO TRAVEL ALONE?                                                       Paris.Because I am not coming alone from there. 😂
  • IF GIVEN A CHANCE WHAT MAJOR CHANGE WOULD YOU LIKE TO BRING?                                                       I would influence people to parent a God’s child( I hate the word orphan), with all their love and care. Those children deserve it as much as we do. 
  • WHAT IS YOUR HAPPIEST MEMORY AS A CHILD?                                               Listening to my grandfather about morals and values. 
  • WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE- (A)WRITING CAREER WITH LESS MONEY, OR (B) MORE MONEY AND  NEVEN BE ABLE TO WRITE.                 None. I want to accomplish my dream of building a home for everyone. And also I want to continue expressing myself. 
  • DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN ONE WORD.                                      Humanist. 
  • IF GIVEN A CHANCE WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAY TO OUR PM MODI?                                                        I wish your sense of humor stays the same forever. 
  • HOW WOULD YOU PROPOSE SOMEONE YOU LOVE? OR HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO GET PROPOSED?                                             I have a fear of getting rejected so I would never really propose anyone. I would love a letter or poem written by person himself. Even four lines will do. I love efforts. 😊                     



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My questions:- 

What is your greatest achievement? 

What is the importance of words for you? 

What/Who is your strength and weakness at the same time.? 

What would you like to be born as in your next birth.? 

What do you first notice in a person? 

What, in other gender, attracts you the most? 

What do you think about “feminism”? 

Who is your celebrity crush? 

A quality that impresses you the most.? 

One thing you would like to ban if given a chance? 

One fear that haunts you the most.? 

Have a good time and a good night people. 😊



Human species of this planet are insanely fond of one word- Happiness. To correct myself, it’s not a word, it’s a state. All of us feel no need to define this state but we know when we feel it. Happiness is not just a positive mood. It’s an elusive state. 

My grandfather always said- ” The more you give happiness, the more you recieve it for yourself.” When I try to make myself happy, I often fail. It may happen to many of us, we don’t have our own reasons of being happy. So we find our happiness in someone and something else. It was just the other day when one of my fellow blogger asked me about what my happiness lies in and I have a one liner as a reply. 

My happiness lies in selflessness, it lies in beginnings, it lies in care, it lies in unconditional love, it lies in humanity, it lies in myself. “ I just have to say that if you find yourself happy while ignoring someone, hurting someone, hating someone, this happiness is very temporary and will soon be replaced with guilt and emptiness. 

My mother’s smile, my father’s laughter, my grandmother’s humor, my sibling’s support, my grandfather’s memories, my friend’s success, old photographs, deep conversations, helping people, talking to children, it makes me feel ecstatic. 

When you step out you should see the children playing merrily, the tress swirling to the tune of wind, the flowers calling for praises, the birds enjoying their freedom, the animals loving their young ones, the grass under your feet, the first rain and so many more. Yes! The exact same curve on your face, the same spirit in your heart after reading this is called happiness

This is a fantastic poem by my favorite person on WordPress.ujjwalrealblogAnd I am sure he is going to be your favorite as well after you give it a read. Mr poet can’t thank you enough for investing your precious time and thoughts for me! I am so grateful! ☺️

When the clock struck the midnight hour

I could not resist gazing at the ceiling

What is ‘happiness’ all about?What’s that feeling?

Being azured by the moonlight and the star

Oh!It was all that counted for the ocean,it’s ‘happiness’so far

The kid ran towards his father

Pushed him back,hung on his neck

Oh!It was all that counted for the father,his ‘happiness’ rather

Meanwhile I admired a mother feeding her child

Her eyes glittering with love,the baby lips making a curve

Oh!It was all that counted for the mother,her ‘happiness’ knew no limits,travelled miles farther

Not only we human possesse feelings

My perception inverted,at the sight of cow fostering her baby

Oh!It was all that counted for the cow,her ‘happiness’

So motherly lovely

What brought me to the utmost surprise

A beggar folding hands for every penny that he was ‘prized’

Oh!It was all that counted for the beggar,his ‘happiness’ left me mesmerised

The farmer struggling on every inch of his land

He looked at the sky for every single drop,nourishing his soil and the sand

Oh!It was all that counted for the farmer,his ‘happiness’ needs no music or band

My eyes took a glimpse over a soldier waiving his country’s flag

He did not fear the guns,bullets,mortars or the weather

Oh!It was all that counted for the soldier,his ‘happiness’ could not be encaged in a bag

Yet another imagery sent a chill down my spine

A man fighting death did not deliver an iota of fear

Oh!It was all that counted for the man,his ‘happiness’ lay inside somewhere in the rear

Now that I woke to a new day

The bright sunrays illuminated my room,there was no dismay

Smiling modestly at the ‘dream’,all the queries answered,what more to say?

Oh!The happiness cannot be described in a common way

Sharing gives me happiness. I am staying connected with my blogger friends via mails. You can share your stories and incidents and Ill post them anonymously with a motive to encourage readers. 

My mail id:-