Hey everyone! It’s been a year to my presence on WordPress. This year was beautiful to me in different ways. And WordPress was one major contribution to my happiness. Today, I choose to write about darkness positively. I don’t know why people always make it so negative but to be honest, I LIKE DARKNESS. 

There is something about darkness. Something mysterious, something tragic. Something that I want to explore. The undivided peace I find in darkness, is something I don’t find anywhere else. And in darkness, I see true colors of everything, the honest beauty of things and people. And the darkness, it always becomes negative in order to make the writers positive. 

And when I told my father that I love darkness, his tears were a proof of his disagreement to my opinions. And he asked me why I love darkness.?? And for the first time I made my voice clearer and started-“Because darkness doesn’t fake. Because it is the way it is and because it dosent decieve. Because it makes me realise my faults, my weakness and my strengths by giving me my share of space. Because darkness brings back the memories of my beloved grandfather who passed away when I was 7.”

There is something terrifying yet amazing about darkness. It is selfless. It is carefree. No matter, how much it is accused it still arrives every night to help people like me to overcome pain.

I hope we can see darkness positively. Because if we can, then light will appear much more beautiful. 

Darkness is dearer to me. It’s so beautiful to be put into string of words. Darkness makes me more positive. 


Depression! Not just! 

What’s with her? I asked pointing to a girl who was lost in her own space and was not even aware of the puppy who was licking her feet. They laughed and replied “she is just depressed.”                                                   JUST DEPRESSED. I doubt whether people really know what depression is? Had they been knowing how it deteriorates a normal being, they would definitely not call it “just depression.” Not going to scientific level, depression is confining someone in a room, with no windows, no sound, no light, and no other human. Likewise, depression is the stage of no hopes, no dreams, no believes, no desires and no life. It’s that serious an issue. 

To all the people who are depressed for some reason-                                                       I know how it pains in the chest every morning you wake up and find that you are still alive. I know the hopelessness when you can’t figure out what is wrong with you. I know when you feel helpless because you don’t know what you need help for. I know when one day you can feel everything and the other day you feel nothing at all.                             

 I know how you want to cry all day and night but not a single tear drop exits your eye. I know how it is when you are sitting, thinking and doing nothing and suddenly you feel tears striking your face. But trust me, it’s not your fault. It’s just a phase, and it will paas. Be with ones who love you. Hold onto them. Don’t be alone. 

I really know the pain of being alive without knowing the reason. I know the irritation when people continuously complain about you being a sadist, a killjoy, a non enthusiastic person anymore. I know how it kills you when the people you need the most understand you the least. 

Guys! These depressed people don’t need your sympathy, they need your support. Depression is fatal. It kills a person who is still breathing. Don’t laugh at them, instead prove your humor in making them laugh. And if your loved one is trapped, please let him/her know how much he is needed, loved and wanted. Please do little things to make him/her feel special. Little things occupy the biggest spaces in heart when done at the right time. 

The person sliding to an invisible black hole needs a little light to come out before he gets comfortable there. 

Helping someone come out of depression is like giving them a second life. Depression is not sadness, but it’s feeling nothing. 

Thank you love! 

Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I posted something. Atleast I feel so. But I am suffering from what is called “art block”. In precise terms it is called “writers block” but I don’t consider myself a writer. So, art block sounds okay. Whenever I am suffering from this situation, and I feel like writing there is always one person who seems to be a perfect topic. You know who you are. And I can write endlessly about you. 

Before approximately two years, I was surviving, breathing. I was happy, atleast I could pretend to be. But let me tell everybody that I had no hopes, no dreams, and I didn’t belive in good future and all words. I was passing day after day. And after that one day 28 July, 2015, I met this beautiful face, more of a beautiful soul. Days passed, as we came closer. We argued, we showed disagreements on a lot of issues, but we didn’t give up on each other. There was no time when we were “not friends”. 

With time, I got to know a person who was a gem. I noticed when you held my hand when we were crossing the road. I noticed when you were patting my back when I idiotically cried watching a melodramatic bollywood scene. I noticed when you had the fear of losing me when I was unwell. I noticed you were angry when I was friendly with somebody else. I notice what trouble it takes you to help me out of situations. And I also notice when you wake nights for giving me gifts and presents. But you know what I notice more than anything else is the love and pain in your eyes. 

Luck and all is something beyond my understanding. But I consider myself lucky to have you. I am lucky that you choose me over everybody else again and again. I am lucky that you tolerate me beyond all my hyper hysterical habits. And I am lucky that you find me worthy of sharing your pain and your fears. 

Thank you will never be enough for all the love you gave me. It will never be adequate for all the pain you take for me happily and it will never be sufficient for all the efforts you make for me and us. You asked me to promise you that I’ll be yours forever. So I from the core of my core promise you that I would be yours forever and beyond. 

Love is never a word for those who have a person to wake up for, it is never a regret for those who live it daily. I love you. 

With all the love, respect and gratitude,      Bobo. 

A letter to my best friend #2

Hey there. Been a long time since I wrote something for you. I am farthest to you if we go by metric system of measurement. But otherwise you say I am closest to you.

I don’t know if it was necessary to pen this down but I know you are going to smile the loveliest when you see this. It’s been a long time since I saw you( approximately 4 hours now). This might sound ridiculously insane but I miss you from the moment you leave . I have been told that some relations don’t really have names and some have too many names. Ours is in between the two. You play all the major roles in my life.    When I am with you, I really don’t miss anyone. Ironically, when I am with other people I constantly miss you. I try to find you in everybody I meet. But the comfort level that we share has no copy. Socializing without you seems to be the most tiring thing ever. 

I know that this phase is definitely not the best phase of our life. But you know what, it is showing me the best sides of you, which I am sure, nobody has ever seen and nobody will ever see( Dare not, show it to anybody else or you are dead) The strength that you have inculcated in yourself is so inspiring. I am always and always there for you. You are my most favorite trouble. Everybody has got a best friend. But I have got my best reflection in you. My happiness is all in your eyes. And also we share tears. As I told you earlier you are the bookmark of my story. And also, when my story ends you will be its most beautiful chapter. Chapter being the epitomy of no fakeness, no lies, no hidden secrets and only love, honesty and utmost loyalty. 

Stay strong love! 

Guys! We have got friends who do so much for us and never really make us feel burdened by it. Though my friend is the bestest. Nothing can compare to her. But I am sure you also have gem like friends in your life. Do express your acknowledgement to them. Trust me, they are worth it. 


A famous saying goes-

Introversion is not a choice, it’s not a lifestyle but an orientation.

Intorverts! Often called as rude, blunt, arrogant or shy people.But trust me! They are not rude, blunt or shy. They are reserved. Maybe they are not comfortable around people as others are. They do not always want to be surrounded by people but they don’t hate people.Around few close ones, these introverts are as good and as free as extroverts themselves.

Most of the time we tend to misunderstand introverts.Its not that they don’t need anyone. They re just too conserved to be able to express that need. Since introverts are human beings at the end of the day, they need love.Since my best friend and my sibling are introvert beings.I know a little about them.

They are really good listeners. They understand more than we think and they observe more than we can ever know. It’s just that they don’t react immediately. And above all, they feel more than we imagine.

So, friends, specially, introvert friends-.  Being an introvert is not negative.Everybody has two faces out of which one is a reserved one.Their reserved face is hidden.So, you are none different.You just choose to show your reserved face to everyone.You are as much needed and wanted in our society as extroverts are.

With love.

She! #2

She is like a guitar,                                       She would play to your music.                   But when you treat her improperly,         She may also cause cuts and bruises.

She is like a sword,                                     Shields you in trouble.                                     But if you play with her,                                 She can hurt you worse.

She is like a fire,                                           Just as holy and sacred.                                 But when you touch her inappropriately, The burns are on your way.

She is like a memory,                               which makes your heart skip a beat.         She is like a dictionary,                               which you can never completely read.

She is a miracle,                                               That you will always know.                           She will be your strength when low,       She will be your weakness too.

#dedicated to the strongest she in my life. You inspire me.

Dear love,

You were just a word for me. A word in the dictionary and a subject unknown.You were just another emotion until you found a face.

That face which I wake up to every morning.That face which when smiles gives me all the happiness of the world.The face,unique and most beautiful of all.The face which I can identify in crowd of millions of people.That face which looks for only me.The face that I want to see throughout my life.

So YESS love, now I know why people write so much about you.Because no matter how much we experience you daily ,you are never enough.Everybody has different definition of you.Everybody craves for you.Everybody wants you.And you know what,everybody needs you.Because you don’t differentiate between rich and poor.Because you don’t sort people into black and white.You are so fair and impartial.

To my face of love,.                                           I am born blessed to have you.Seasons change and so does weather but my love for you is most consistent of all.You are my responsibility which I love to fulfill.You are the saviour of the human inside me.You almost play all the roles in my life and I can’t express my gratitude enough.Loving you is easiest of all since it comes naturally.There is no extra effort required.I love you the most.I have celebrated this day of love everyday since you came in my life . You are the centre of my life. Just stay mine.

I don’t feel I can love you the same everyday.Because every today, I love you more than before. ❤