Stranger! YESS that’s what you are.! That’s what you always were.!!

I never met you by my own choice.I was told to meet you by my parents.And I was forcibly expected to like you.Because no matter how I felt,it was already decided that you were the perfect choice for me, and that I could not get any better. Everytime I tried to believe them, I inturn doubted myself.                                    But I was so obliged to my parents that I couldn’t question their intentions for me.I wore those specs of oblivion that I couldn’t see any flaws in you.Since I had to spend almost all my life with you,I started respecting you. Before I knew what was happening I even started to like you. Our story seemed to be a fairy tale.Our lives seemed to be written by God’s own hands.

We got married.This is the most beautiful day of girl’s life.Yes it was! I met somebody who would be my life time best friend.Atleast that is what I thought till the day you abused me.            That wasnt acceptable.I felt the pain my heart was causing.But till then I was too much in love with you to leave you.I reasoned your behavior . You were too blind to see my pain but I was still too stupid to have eyes only for you.I was giving myself hopes of everything which will get better with time.But then one day when you slapped me so hard,I was brought back to reality. I am still so thankful to you for this realisation . Now I knew that I was being disrespected and so I also lost my respect for you.But just for the sake of my parents happiness and name I didn’t give up.I did everything to save “US”. 

BUT today,I give up! I am writing this letter to tell you that just because I was quiet never meant that I could never speak.You call yourself man! And you need respect for it.But the day you hit me for nothing was the day you lost me.I hope you realise what you did! You thought I will keep quiet and sit hurt and depressed.But no! I am not crying ! For I lost somebody who was not worth my love!I promise to come out of this even more stronger.Take care.

Marriages are divine connections.Dont make them an expression of restrictions.Domestic violence is a crime.A women leaves even her father’s name and home for you.The least you can give her is respect.She is the producer of your successor.Keep her happy for all that she does for you unconditionally.Just because you are a man,you can’t be god.Stop domestic violence.!

I am sorry.!

As kids we were always reminded of the manners,primarily at home and then in our books.”Sorry ” and “thank you ” have always helped.

I personally believe in acknowledgements. I keep thanking everybody for everything they do for me.But today I AM SORRY.

I am sorry for those parents whose daughter committed suicide because of one stupid person who didn’t love her back. I am sorry for those old people who have spent their entire lives building a beautiful life for their children,who they didn’t knew,will drop them to old age homes.I am really sorry for that housewife who works night and day without a proper payment and holiday and is still demeaned as “jobless”.

I am really sorry for that kid whose parents left him at orphanage.I am sorry for that girl who was teased by some boys who claim to love their mothers and sisters.I am sorry for that old lady who has to sell vegetables at corner of a road to survive.

I am sincerely sorry as I know everything and can’t still help you.I am really very sorry.

The connection !

I am sorry if it hurts somebody reading this,but I don’t believe in relationships.For me relationships may get old with time and may eventually die but the connection is always alive.

Desperately observed that what keeps a relationship alive is connection and what eventually kills a connection is relationship.To be noted,here I am taking about infatuations or may be crushes.When you start living someone you just love everything about them.They are absolutely flawless for you.But when you come closer to them,you begin to notice all the flaws.

This is the reason why friendship ends,marriages are broken.

This is life,whereby every person who sympathizes with our problem at the right time,seems to be our soulmate.We are so desperate to be loved that we end up being doubly hurt.

The connection I am talking about will come in your life at the right time.That right time may be little longer and may seem to be a lifetime for you but TRUST ME, when it comes ,you don’t have to run behind love ,instead love will follow you wherever you go.

Wait and watch.!


It’s about HER-

Being eldest daughter in the joint family,she was always expected to be mature.She was expected to be a little more understanding,a little more sensible and a little more patient.And more importantly she was taught that she had to fulfill all the expectations.They never knew that their harmless expectations actually snatched away little girl’s innocence.Her words lost the chirpiness,her excitement was now changed into sensibility.She found out at once that now she is an adult.No matter how much she missed bed time stories,she had to sleep alone in darkness.And the worst part is there was no going back.

She grew up to be an adult in practical terms.But now,she noticed that even after growing up she had no right to take her decisions because she was a child and she didn’t know what was right for her.Like really? But she never protested because she loved them too much to question them.

She accepted everything as it was.But then one day she questioned herself that why is she never allowed to be a child.Why she was told to be mature when she was a child?And why was she expected to be dependent when she was actually mature?

Was she not a human? Wasn’t she allowed to make mistakes.?Why was there no one to enjoy the child inside her?Why no one understood that she was afraid of darkness.?Why did no one just let her be?

Her smile was taken away.The child inside her almost suffocated and died.Her dignity was always attacked.Her personality was questioned.

Why? No one knew.


From an infant to an adult to an old person the life cycle goes on.Generally MATURITY is directly proportional to age i.e. it increases with increase in age.As per my opinions maturity has nothing to do with age.

For instance, a child of a labourer who works to contribute to his family for running the livelihood is way more mature than that middle aged man who earns a fortune but sends his parents to old-age home.

Since majority of the population is young.So we dont fall in either of the cateogaries of that innocent child nor the middle aged man.Then how do we know that we are mature?

Quite complex.You are mature if you forgive someone even before they are sorry.You are mature when you can manage to be practical and emotional at the same time.You are mature if you can let someone go.You are mature if you know what you want and are working for it.You are mature if you can love without conditions.You are mature if you have the guts to move away from something that no longer makes you a better person.You are mature if you can make out a differnce between pretense and reality.You are mature if someone’s consent matters to you.Maturity is the right way to react.Maturity means sensibility of being right without proving anyone wrong.Maturity is when changes replaces excuses.

And then this is endless.But I believe all those who are reading this and smiling right at this line are mature enough to relate to above words.

Emotions and people!

Emotions that we all are born with!Emotions that we all have!According to me emotions are like salt in the dish of life.Life is tasteless without emotions.

Emotions always dominate in pairs.For example- The one who shouts the most at you,loves you the most.The one who stays silent is the one who wants to talk a lot.The one who appears happiest is most sensitive.The one who is possessive has already lost too much.The one who is easy to frighten was brave enough at one time.

Emotional people are often considered as fool.But they know everything.They fool you by letting you fool them.Emotions are a blessing.They make you human in the territory of monsters.Emotinal people are not fools.Being emotional is not a curse rather it is a matter of being proud as you are carrying the gift god have you while making you a human.

  • Preserve your emotions and respect those of other people.:)


I am probably too young to coin a meaning of the term which we all are acutely aware of.All I can do is to share my views:

Soul mate is not a perfect person yet seems to be because he accepts your flaws perfectly.The person who never gives up.The person who believes despite everything.The person who takes you to a world of paradise by his mere presence.Person who makes you feels the best.

Soul mate makes your soul happy.The one who is always by your side.The person who makes you change for better.When the world seems so dark this person lifts you up and provides you with much needed light of hope.The one who is happier than you for your accomplishments.The one who celeberates you like a victory.

I hope that you find your soul mate soon.

Everyone is the same.

In the long run,where we keep differentiating ourselves with the surrounding people,we never realise we all are actually the same.

We all have a heart,blessed with emotions,we all are sensitive to hatred,love,care,attention and negativity.Everyone has their own insecurities,the only difference being that some protect materialistic things and some protect their favourite people.

Everyone craves for love,Everbody needs attention,but then some treasure their love and some keep on testing it.Everyone fears loneliness,some of us have accepted it with a hope of sunshine and some are still fighting against it.Everyone loves deeply , but again,some love expressing it and some want to decorate it only inside them.

So, we see,even if different buildings seem to be different anatomically we often forget it is made of same unit.Likewise,even if we all are different visually,we should respect the identical nature of our souls.


She emerged out as warrior,.                   She never wanted to be a queen,.           She was a beautiful poem,. Incomplete,unheard and unseen.

She wore her pain like high heels,.       And walked towards her passion,.        She cried in the night under her palms,.  Yet, she is a marvelous temptation.

She again smiles the next morning,.      As if she never cried last night,.           She is a one woman army,.                   Famous for love and known for fight.

She stands tall,in front of all,.       Provides everybody with love and care, You may find a million girls,                   But a women like her is very rare.   

 She dances between the heart and brain,.                                              Demanding for the right & forgiving the wrong.                                                           Now she has become difficult to sing,. She was a poem now transformed into song.

Yes! You!
You are the subject of someone’s poetry.You are the reason for someone’s smile.You are the smell of nostalgia.You are the saviour of Your own happiness.You are the brightness of someone’s eyes and you are the glow of someone’s face.You are the hope of your mother .You are the pride of your friend and you are the dream to someone.Dream that is deep and colourful.In the world where complaints about you are dominant,appreciating your own self is really important.I want you to know that you have loved hard even when you were being hated for what you are.Know that you trusted even after being deceived by the closest of people.Know that your heart worked even when your soul was tired.Know that you still managed to smile when you were broken to bits!
So,respect yourself the most as the world will never be the same without you.You are the one who keeps goodness flowing.