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Yes! You!
You are the subject of someone’s poetry.You are the reason for someone’s smile.You are the smell of nostalgia.You are the saviour of Your own happiness.You are the brightness of someone’s eyes and you are the glow of someone’s face.You are the hope of your mother .You are the pride of your friend and you are the dream to someone.Dream that is deep and colourful.In the world where complaints about you are dominant,appreciating your own self is really important.I want you to know that you have loved hard even when you were being hated for what you are.Know that you trusted even after being deceived by the closest of people.Know that your heart worked even when your soul was tired.Know that you still managed to smile when you were broken to bits!
So,respect yourself the most as the world will never be the same without you.You are the one who keeps goodness flowing.


Don’t tell me you know,
Don’t put up a show,
Because it seems impossible to breath,
when the time flows so slow.

Don’t tell me its fine,
That won’t make you my sunshine.
Because I have got used to of loving the dark,
It brings me back the dead remnants of mine.

Don’t tell me I am strong,
Don’t make my broken synonymous to wrong,
My strength is more than a pretense,
Brutal reality is where I belong.

Don’t tell me you care,
My desolation was never shared.
The life in me was shot dead,
Even the lifeless, wasn’t spared.

Don’t tell me you love me,
That makes me feel weak in the knees,
Your love took my sanity,
Now, the shore looks vicious than the sea.

No, I don’t need your half hearted embrace,
Enough of me being a disgrace,
The fake intimacy suffocates me,
I am happiest in my solitary space.


Gone is the girl, who smiled fake.              Gone is the girl, who possessed fears.      Gone is the girl who cried like a baby,        Gone is the girl who loved tears.

Gone is the girl, who chirped alot,,              
Gone is the girl, whose tolerance was poor.  
Gone is the girl who trusted everyone,         
Gone is the girl whose moods had no cure.

Gone is the girl who danced with winds,     
Gone is the girl who cried with rains.         
Gone is the girl who felt too much,               
Gone is the girl who feared pain.   

Gone is the girl who blamed herself,            
Gone is the girl who let herself down.         
Gone is the girl who killed herself,              
Gone is the girl who disrespected her crown.  

With time, you realise what you deserve! And that is the time you stop settling for any less and stop regretting for the losses which were actually beneficial. Count your blessings, know your strength, maintain your dignity and love yourself. Because trust me, you are “too good” to be disowned by someone who didn’t deserve you on the first place. 



The way her eyes gleam

When she talks about something she loves. 
The way her nose cringes in dislike,
When she looks at something she hates,
The way she makes puppy faces,
To get me trapped in her wish.
The way she yells in happiness,
When it’s finally a yes!

The way she storms in anger,
And asks me to leave her alone!
The way she comes back to my embrace,
To cry her worries and moan.
The way she presents her mess,
Knowing that I would sulk.
The way she sighes in relief,
As if taken away from her is a pain in bulk.

The way she protects me,
From odds and evils.
The way she identifies,
My angels and devils.
The way she adores me,
Beyond the measures.
She calls me “mumma”,
And she is my treasure. 

Her last days. 

Heavy breaths and slow heartbeats,
She knew her end was near.
With constant smiling & pushing her limits,
She tried to overcome her biggest fear.

Everybody loved her so much,
They cared for her like a flower.
She was their princess,
With her vision turning blur.

She was enjoying the little time she had,
Every rain and rainbow was hers.
With every drop of blood out of her nose,
She realized the last days are a curse.

She saw her mother, and her smile,
She knew she wouldn’t be there in a while.
But she would miss the moments and love,
The pain of separation was turning her fragile.

And she knew that her role is complete,
She awaits for the end, with pride on her face.
She hopes for the best, for her & the rest.
She is ready to depart with the grace.

For every person, who is suffering with a fatal disease, let’s wish and pray for a miracle. And let’s  pray for strength for the dear ones. It is hardest to lose a child, a sibling, a friend or a lover. May everybody get a life long and large enough to pursue their dreams.

Soldier Woman! 

I am much more than a fair complexion, 

I am much more than a fetching physique, 

I am much more than a spotless face, 

I am much more than strong or weak.  

I am much more than soft speech,

I am much more than deepness in eyes. 

I am much more than enticing looks, 

I am much more than bold or shy. 

I am a soldier woman! 

Much more than any identity. 

I love at home, and fight in wars,

And take pride in my dignity

Life or death? 

He woke up in the middle of the night and stared at their happy picture on his mobile screen. After that, he spent the night watching all their photographs. But he wasn’t happy. The photographs weren’t making him ecstatic anymore. They were hurting him.They were torturing him. He wanted to delete all of them, but he wanted to survive other nights too. The photographs became his sleeping pills, dangerous but mandatory. 

It took her just one sentence to end all that he built with his blood and tears. “I am not happy in this bond” she said. It took him months to understand where exactly was the bond.? Whatever he did for her was unconditional. He never asked her to reciprocate the feelings. Why did she started loving with no purpose of continuing it.? And she thought, like other people in her life, this one too will forget everything and move on.! I pity her for never  understanding that she had a gem. And she threw it away on her own. She reasoned her behavior, but she never knew that betrayal cannot be justified. 

For him, love became a mistake. He became guilty of loving someone so sincerely. He was finding it more difficult to breath than to stop breathing. He honestly didn’t know what was terrible – life or death.? The guy with a golden heart, and silver smile became a miserable loner.

Girls often misunderstand boys. Yes, they do. They sort every boy in one category. If some boys are cheaters then also some girls are. Everybody loves reading love stories but we fail to remember that it was Romeo who died for Juliette. 

Guys, there are better things to play with. Heart is not a toy. Feelings are not inanimate. Your fake act of love can literally kill a person. Maybe they can never believe in love again. It’s a beautiful feeling, a blessing everybody should get. Don’t ruin it for anyone. Don’t fake if you don’t feel. Love honestly, and you will be loved back. 

She played, he sighed
She ignored, he tried.
She laughed, he cried.
She lied and
He died. 

Only if! 

Only if you were here with me, 

All the stresses and worries would flee. 

Only if you were here to hear me out, 

I never had to scream or shout. 

Only if you were here to hold my hands, 

I would have never fallen for false friends. 

Only if you were here as my spark, 

I wouldn’t have as much loved the dark.

Only if you were here to know how I felt, 

In your secure embrace I would have melt. 

Only if you were here, as my star, 

No medication was needed to heal my scar.

Only if you were here to share my pain,

I would not have cried in every rain.

Only if you were here, soft and little rude,

I would have lived my childhood. 

Only if you weren’t taken away by God, 

I would have had strongest shield and sword.

It would have been a dream life, no doubts rather,

Only if you were with me, dear grandfather. 

I miss you every time my heart beats, and every time I breath. I miss the part of me that went away with you. You must know, that you are the only person I love. I belong to you. And I wish we could meet soon! Here or there! Because this beautiful place seems a desert without you. See you, my soul love. ❤️

I believe you. 

​I believe you will get up after every fall, 

And stay a child – pure and small. 

I believe you’ll preserve every heart, 

And you will never break anyone apart. 

I believe you’ll never disrespect trust, 

And will never let your honesty rust. 

I believe your pain and  hurt will heal, 

And all the invisible wounds will seal. 

I believe you will be a soul full of care, 

And be a heart, that is found rare. 

I believe you will proudly carry emotions, 

And never be tamed by prejudiced notions. 

I believe you will stay full of sanity,

And be a human, known for humanity. 

I believe you .. 💕